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Nation's Courts Directory, published since 1975,  is the nation's #1 court reference --
offering unparalleled access to the federal, state and county courts,
plus serving as a guide to the U.S. Court system and how it operates.
The directory is relied on by attorneys, librarians, paralegals,  teachers and students,
and all those with an interest in the courts and their operation.
Nation's Courts Directory and our free Update (see below)  together offer a unique service --
a comprehensive and regularly updated portrait of the nation's federal, state and county courts.

Note also our online subscription service, Nation's Courts Online,
which offers the features and comprehensive listings of Nation's Courts Directory
plus continuous updates and much more! Formatted for computers and tablets,
with special smartphone version. (Free sample available; see below.)

Our print and online directories are designed for your reference needs.
Our prices and discounts are designed for your budget.


Nationís Courts Directory. Nation's #1 court reference, relied on by attorneys, librarians, paralegals, teachers and students, and all those with an interest in the U.S. courts and how they operate. Attorneys appreciate the speedy access to the nationís federal, state and county courts plus free online updates. Paralegals and librarians and teachers and students appreciate the extensive explanatory content, including federal and state court organization charts, guide to how a case is litigated, differences between civil and criminal cases, glossary of legal terms, landmark U.S. Supreme Court cases, alternative dispute resolution, technology of the modern courtroom, and much more. 2015 Edition now available! Order your new edition today. For details and "LOOK INSIDE," click on directory cover >>>


Nation's Courts Update is our free online service that complements and updates the court reference material in Nation's Courts Directory. Update includes current federal judicial nominations and vacancies and confirmations as they occur. Plus biographies of new court nominees and links to websites that provide biographies of current and prior U.S. district and appellate judges and news from the federal and state courts. Together, Nation's Courts Directory and the online Update offer a unique service -- a comprehensive and regularly updated portrait of the nation's federal, state and county courts. To access Update click here.

Nation's Courts Online gives you the nation's federal, state and county courts at your fingertips -- whether on your computer, your tablet or smartphone. It is the online version of Nation's Courts Directory, offering the great features of the directory plus continuous updates plus biographical information plus much more! Nations Courts Online provides point-and-click access to the nation's courts -- a comprehensive and timely service you can rely on. Formatted for computers and tablets plus a special smartphone version (which is web based and functions regardless of smartphone brand). Our inclusive low annual rate of $195.00 applies regardless of number of users or type of platform (computer or mobile or both).

Subscribers to Nation's Courts Online do not need a password; rather, we provide a link (URL address) that you can then bookmark or paste to your website, allowing all in your firm easy access. (A separate smartphone link is provided.) This simplifies the subscription process and makes the material more readily available to subscribers. Nation's Courts Online is available at a surprisingly low price. This combined with unlimited users (on both computer and mobile platforms), comprehensive court listings and easy accessibility make it a service unlike any other. Whether in the office, at home or on the go, we believe you will find it to be an essential reference for contacting and dealing with the nation's federal, state and county courts. Subscription Order Form.  


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